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A family for you

Who are we? Loránt, Silvia, Phillip, abbreviated as LSP Ltd. We are a small family business continuing the work started by our ancestors, carrying on their legacy. We own a small agricultural settlement where we are farming sheep, goats and pigs and we are taking care of a small vineyard as well. Beside all that we are also running a rural pension called the Granary.

How did it all start? Loránt is the head of the family, a trained butcher just like his grandfather. Silvia, the family’s neck, studied in the field of tourism industry. Phillip, our son, is taking care of the vineyard, the wines and the cellar, following the footsteps of his grandfather. He attends the local commercial academy’s bilingual studies. In 2003 Silvia founded VILLA SISI – an accommodation in private. She started initially with three rooms to let and gradually increased the capacity.

A granary’s tale that does not belong only to history

On the adjacent plot stood an abandoned granary from the 17th century all covered in bush. Its former owner paid us a visit and put it up for sale. The price was very steep, at least from our perspective. In the meantime businessmen came to take a look at the property and offered the owner large sums. But he had no intension of selling it to anyone but us. He’s been visiting us for years, trying to convince us to buy the property and transform it into an accommodation facility, just like VILLA SISI. It was the year of 2007 when he finally succeeded and we invested all our savings into a building that has not seen proper maintenance in decades. The period between 2009 and 2011 has been devoted to reconstruction. In the meantime the building has been entered into the National cultural monuments’ registry of the Slovak republic under the name Granary with a wine cellar in Jablonov nad Turňou. But before it happened we had to conduct some investigation, of course. We went all the way to Forchtenstein in Austria where in the Eszterházy family archive we came across of some records and from these we have found out the building’s true purpose. Its original function from a systematic point of view was not much unlike a bank with an account of a Tax Office. The difference was in the stored commodities. At that time not money was sent to the bank, but praedial and ecclesiastical tithes were sent to this object and stored here. The building’s name comes from the Latin word GRANARIUM.

Nowadays the building is past reconstruction and modernization in terms of accommodation comfort but still carrying its historical genius loci. It offers unusual accommodation. Little windows with bars many wooden elements in the interior including the original support beams. Everything here is soaked with rural romantics. The building has a basement as well. There is a 36 metres long wine cellar right under the rooms.

Everyone can be a barfly or a sommelier

The Granary’s cellar has a 50 seat capacity, it houses a small exposition from the history of wine making on the Turňa wine road and it also offers some wine, of course. You will be the judge of their quality, but we are glad to see many visitors coming back on a regular basis. The reason behind it could be the fact that these wines are not commonly accessible and they are coming from our own production. The local soil rich in limestone gives an exquisite taste even to widely known varieties. They are simply wines from the mountains. They contain minerals that make them spicier, stronger, yet very enjoyable. They are made based on a recipe Loránt inherited from his father and subsequently our son Phillip from Loránt. We also get some help with this from uncle and cousin. It’s just like a little hobby for the male members of our family. But they are faring pretty well as it is proven by the smiles on the guests’ faces.

Gastronomy is an inseparable part of today’s high standard services in tourism industry and we offer traditional meals from the local cuisine. Our kitchen is modern, yet in our eyes the most enjoyable way of preparing meals for our guests is on fire or in ovens. The seasoning is love, laughter and good mood. It is one of Loránt’s hobbies and the local ladies from the village collected some old recipes for him, along with some tips and tricks. Our whole family is involved in preparing meals and serving our dear guests.

The Granary has expanded in recent years and now we have an area that offers rural romantics of a Slovak Tuscany.

Who are our most frequent visitors?


If you’re looking for some place to stay during your holiday and you are tempted by caves, lookouts, deep valleys, hiking on karst planes, abandoned castles, chateaus and museums in the surrounding area then visit the Slovak Karst. The Granary is the right place for you.


If you want to throw a birthday party we will prepare it for you according to your wishes. You can have some oven specialties or enjoy our home made wines. The Granary is the right place for you.


In case you have dreamt about a romantic wedding in the countryside and you have planned for 70 people we are ready to make your special day unforgettable.


If you are in search of a venue for your teambuilding activities or you need to organize a conference, with a 50 seat capacity the Granary is an ideal choice in that respect as well.

Schools, children and youth organizations

Are you looking for a school in nature? Did you know that the Granary houses the Office of Krasko the snail’s fairy tale kingdom? And that we are knighting boys and girls into the Order of the Apple Juice? Have you heard that there is a giant snail shell in our area which you can actually enter? Children are always interested in our wooden playground, as well as in our craftsmanship activities that are suited to their age. Schools are welcomed guests, too, because pupils can see and experience what they have been taught in the classroom. And it is much better to see once than to hear a hundred times…

Individual approach

Because everyone has different plans, ideas or purpose of stay do not hesitate to contact us. We will prepare an offer tailor made for you.

Heartfelt greetings from the Slovak Karst by:

Loránt, Silvia and Phillip

LSP, Ltd.


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Are you planning a wedding? You are in a good place with us. Our facility is suitable for wedding receptions for up to 70 people. We offer you: countryside romance, traditional meals, wine cellar, quiet environment.

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